A Dark Elf's Spell Book

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What is this artifact?

This is my spell book that I don't actually use for spells! Using this tome for archiving my thoughts on feelings on various topics ranging from video games to real lifes happenings! Someone has to hear it and apparently you've voluntered by finding this book in the depths of Apocrypha!


Pathfinder 2e

I’m a Pathfinder 2e player and GM! I’m currently in two Pathfinder games and running a game for close friends. I play a “Flesh” Automaton Barbarian in a Blood Lords AP, named Razga! My other character i’m playing is a Beastkin Octopus Pyschic named Cecilia!

The session I run is for my friends, in which i’m running the official Adventure module Troubles in Otari. Currently in that party, we have a Sacred Nagaji Monk, Kitsune Fighter, Automaton Psychic, Sea Elf Swashbuckler, and a Strix Bard. I find GMing to be incredibly rewarding experience! While I am currently experiencing a bit of burn out, nothing makes me happier than providing rewarding experiences, either through creating them directly or simply cultivating them as just a player.

Quick note about Paizo and why they're cooler

I used to be a 5e player, and when I realized how limiting the system could be and found out that switching to Pathfinder 2e would be a relatively painless process, I immediately made the switch. I haven't regretted that switch especially after discovering things like Foundry VTT and Redrazor's Pathbuilder. While it may sound like I made this decision on a whim, and I did, I think leaving WOTC behind for their awful buisness practices and recent OGL fiasco was a net bonus. Not to mention that all the rules are "Free Software", as they're all free to read on Archive of Nethys.

I encourge and implore any 5e players to go to Pathfinder 2e if you're tired of WOTC's bullshit and to support Paizo's ORC! If you'd like a more rules lite experince however, there are MANY options for a more narritive experience and Pathfinder 2e is just as narritive capable as D&D.